Premiums Offered: $247.50
Superintendents: Brenda Wetters, Nicole Koch
Register at Adult Photography Table in Junior Section

Rules & Regulations:
1) All General Rules Apply.
2) The exhibitors in this department must be 8 years old prior to January 1, or in the 3rd grade, and cannot be twenty until after December 31st.
3) Place photograph on white poster board or large note cards. You must have at least a ½-inch border around the photo to allow for putting tacks into for display. Please mark top of Photo. You MUST have the following information on the back of photo-board:
1. Name, address, and phone number
2. Exhibitor Number with a circle around it.
3. Premium Number & description for entry.
4. Any photographs entered in the department cannot be entered in Photography Department M-2.
4) No enlargements can be accepted and no frames.
5) An exhibitor may make ONE entry in each category.
6) The entry cannot have been entered in a previous Monroe County Fair.

Entry Fee: $1.00 (Winners only)
1st $4.00 - 2nd $3.50 - 3rd $3.00 - 4th $2.50 - 5th $2.00 - 6th $1.50

For ages 8 to/and including 11 years
Prem. No.
13300. People
13301. Domestic Animals
13302. All Other Animals
13303. Scenery
13304. Miscellaneous

For ages 12 to/and including 15 years
Prem. No.
13305. People
13306. Domestic Animals
13307. All Other Animals
13308. Scenery
13309. Miscellaneous

For ages 16 to/and including 19 years old
Prem. No.
13310. People
13311. Domestic Animals
13312. All Other Animals
13313. Scenery
13314. Miscellaneous