Premiums Offered: $372.00
Superintendents: Toni Nichels & Michelle Miller

Rules & Regulations:
1) All General Rules apply.
2) This department is for amateur gardeners only.
3) Exhibitors must bring their own vases.
4) An exhibitor can make two entries under each premium number except for Class D, where only one entry per exhibitor will be allowed.
5) Exhibitors must water plants and flowers during the week. This will not be done by the Superintendent.
6) The Fair Association is not responsible for articles broken or stolen. Please do not bring valuable vases.
7) Arrangements do not necessarily have to be made up of homegrown flowers or plant material.
8) Exhibitors are asked to use good judgment when selecting entries; that they be good quality with no disease or insect infected.

Entry Fee: $1.00 (Winners only)
1st $4.50 - 2nd $3.50 - 3rd $2.50 - 4th $1.50 - 5th & 6th Ribbons Only

Prem. No.
12200. Best potted green small leaf foliage plant
12201. Best potted green large leaf foliage plant
12202. Best potted colored leaf or combination plant
12203. Best potted flowering plant
12204. Best potted hanging plant
12205. Miscellaneous (best potted plant not entered in other categories)

Prem. No.
12206. Best African Violet
12207. Best Begonia
12208. Best Succulent
12209. Best Cactus
12210. Best Fern
12211. Best Plant Garden (2 or more different plants in one container)

Prem. No.
12212. Best Rose, single flower
12213. Best Rose, five flowers
12214. Best Single Cut Perennial Blossom (No roses)
12215. Best Arrangement, fresh cut flowers and/or plant material
12216. Best Arrangement, dry plant material (No entry will be accepted which has won a previous prize in the Monroe County Fair)
12217. Best Arrangement, cut flowers for an occasion (name occasion)

Prem. No.
12218. Best Gladiola, single spike
12219. Best Marigold, single small flower
12220. Best Marigold, five small flowers
12221. Best Marigold, single large flower
12222. Best Marigold, five large flowers
12223. Best Zinnia, single small flower
12224. Best Zinnia, five small flowers
12225. Best Zinnia, single large flower
12226. Best Zinnia, five large flowers
12227. Best 5 annual blossoms in one container
12228. Best single annual cut blossom (no glads, marigolds, zinnias or sunflowers)
12229. Best Sunflower (no taller than 18 inches)
12230. Best 5 Sunflowers in a container (no taller than 18 inches)

A sweepstakes prize will be presented on the following system:

1st Place - 10 points
2nd Place - 9 points
3rd Place - 8 points
4th Place - 7 points
5th Place - 6 points
6th Place - 5 points
Each Suitable Entry - 4 points

Floriculture sweepstakes trophy sponsored by State Bank of Waterloo.