Premiums Offered $2018.00
Superintendent: Hank Marquardt, Asst. Superintendents: Dan Koch & Lauren Morgan
Judging begins at 10:00 A.M. on Monday, July 23, 2019.

Rules & Regulations:
1) Each bird entered must be owned by exhibitor.
2) Cocks & Hens must be hatched before January 1, 2019, Cockerels and Pullets must be hatched in present year, or after January 1, 2018
3) All birds must be cooped by 8:00 A.M. Monday, July 22, 2019
4) All birds must be tested Pullorum Free prior to ENTRY.
5) Exhibitor must furnish crocks for water fowl & misc.
6) Each exhibitor is required to feed & water their own birds. Feed will be provided.
7) Each family is limited to 50 birds maximum.

Entry Fee: $1.00 (Winners Only)
Pen Fee: $1.00 per bird
1st $8.00 - 2nd $7.00 - 3rd $6.00 - 4th $5.00 - 5th $4.00 - 6th $3.00


American Class-Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds & Whites, New Hampshires,
Jersey Giants, Dominiques, Wyandottes, Javas, Buckeyes, Chanteclers, Lamonas,
Hollands, Delawares, Iowa Blue.
Prem. No.
15800. Cock
15801. Hen
15802. Cockerel
15803. Pullet

Asiatic Class-Brahmas, Cochins, Lanqshans
Prem. No.
15804. Cock
15805. Hen
15806. Cockerel
15807. Pullet

English Class-Dorkings, Red Caps, Cornish, Orpingtons, Sussex, Australorps
Prem. No.
15808. Cock
15809. Hen
15810. Cockerel
15811. Pullet

Mediterranean Class-Leghorns, Minorcas, Spanish, Andalusians, Anconas, Catalanas,
Sicilian Buttercups
Prem. No.
15812. Cock
15813. Hen
15814. Cockerel
15815. Pullet

Continental Class-Hamburghs, Campines,Lakenvelgers, Barnevelders,Welsummers,
Bearded & Non Bearded Polish, Houdans, Faverolles, Crevecoeurs, La Fleche, Marans
Prem. No.
15816. Cock
15817. Hen
15818. Cockerel
15819. Pullet

All Other Breeds
Prem. No.
15820. Cock
15821. Hen
15822. Cockerel
15823. Pullet

Production Egg Class
Prem. No.
15824. Hen
15825. Pullet

Production Meat Class
Prem. No.
15826. Cockerel
15827. Pullet

15828. Champion Large Fowl Male - $5.00
15829. Champion Large Fowl Female - $5.00

Production Meat Pen Class

1st. $18.00 - 2nd $17.00 - 3rd $16.00 - 4th $15.00 - 5th $14.00
6th $13.00 - 7th $12.00 - 8th $11.00 - 9th $10.00

Prem. No.

15830. Broiler Trio - Each pen shall consist of 3 cockerels OR 3 pullets with each bird weighing 5-8 lbs.


Single Comb Clean Leg Class
Prem. No.
15831. Cock
15832. Hen
15833. Cockerel
15834. Pullet

All Other Comb Clean Leg Class
Prem. No.
15835. Cock
15836. Hen
15837. Cockerel
15838. Pullet

Feather Leg Class
Prem. No.
15839. Cock
15840. Hen
15841. Cockerel
15842. Pullet

Game Class
Prem. No.
15843. Cock
15844. Hen
15845. Cockerel
15846. Pullet

15847. Champion Bantam, Male -$5.00
15848. Champion Bantam,Female -$5.00

WaterFowl-Large Ducks-Pekin, Aylesbury, Rouen, Muscovy, Cayuga, Crested, Swedish,Buff, Small Ducks-Runner, Campbell, MagpieCall, EastIndie, Mallard
Prem. No.
15849. Large Duck, Male, any age
15850. Small Duck, Male, any age
15851. Large Duck, Female, any age
15852. Small Duck, Female, any age
15853. Goose, male, any age
15854. Goose, female, any age
15855. Champion Water fowl, Male -$5.00
15856. Champion Water fowl, Female - $5.00

Prem. No.
15857. Ornamental fowl, male, any age
15858. Ornamental fowl, female, any age
15859. Turkey, male, any age
15860. Turkey, female, any age

The Grand Champion Broiler Trio, will be awarded by Midland States Bank
The Grand Champion Standard Male, will be awarded a trophy by J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning, LLC
The Grand Champion Standard Female, will be awarded a trophy by Valentine Auto Body.
The Grand Champion Bantam Male, will be awarded a trophy by State Bank of Waterloo.

The Grand Champion Bantam Female, will be awarded a trophy by Harrisonville Telephone Company.
The Grand Champion Water Fowl will be awarded a trophy by George Obernagel.

The Monroe County Rooster Crowing Contest will be held at 9:30 A.M. on
Wednesday, July 24, 2019. The following rules apply.

1) Roosters entered in the Rooster Crowing Contest must be entered in the Monroe County Fair Poultry classes.
2) Each owner may enter only one rooster.
3) The owner may use a substitute handler. Only one handler will be allowed per rooster.
4) Handlers must remain on the side of the cages away from the judges.
5) Handlers may put a litter of their choice in the bottom of their cages. With the exception of the addition of litter, handlers may not alter the cage in any way.
6) Handlers are encouraged to use any means to stimulate the bird to crow. Touching of the rooster, however, by hand or with another object will disqualify the entry. Tossing food or other items into the cage to encourage the rooster to crow is allowed, so long as direct contact is not made between the rooster and his handler.
7) Scoring will be the number of times the entry crows during the thirty minute time limit.

Prem. No.
15861. Rooster Crowing Contest

Champion Crowing Rooster - $35.00, & Trophy will be awarded by Petri Insurance Agency, Inc. John Glessner, Agent.
1st Runner Up - $20.00 & Ribbon
2nd Runner Up - $12.00 & Ribbon
3rd Runner Up - $8.00 & Ribbon
4th Runner Up - $5.00 & Ribbon
5th & 6th Runners Up - Ribbon Only