• Be a member of Monroe county 4-H Club and or an FFA chapter in the Waterloo, Columbia, Valmeyer, or Red Bud school district with a Junior exhibiting status.
  • Attend at least four 4-H meetings OR four FFA meetings if not in a 4-H club.
  • Be enrolled in the project they are exhibiting/selling if in a 4-H club.
  • New members must complete the online Quality Assurance and Ethics training at

    Coordinator (Livestock) John Howell
    Coordinator (Rabbits) Wayne Dell and Debbie Schneider
    Premiums Offered: $1020.00
    $5.00 Entry Fee (Winners Only)

    1st. $24.00 - 2nd $21.00 - 3rd $18.00 - 4th $16.00 - 5th. $14.00

    Prem. No.
    51327. Cattle Competition Jr. Ages 8-12
    51328. Cattle Competition Sr. Ages 13-18
    51329. Swine Competition Jr. Ages 8-12
    51330. Swine Competition Sr. Ages 13-18
    51331. Sheep & Goat Competition Jr. Ages 8-12
    51332. Sheep & Goat Competition Sr. Ages 13-18
    51333. Poultry Competition Jr. Ages 8-12
    51334. Poultry Competition Sr. Ages 13-18

    1st. $28.00 - 2nd $26.00 - 3rd $24.00 - 4 th $23.00 - 5th $22.00
    6th $21.00 - 7th $20.00 - 8th $19.00

    51335. Rabbit Competition

    Contest Times & Location

    Tuesday 1:00 p.m.
    Location: Horse Area

    Wednesday 11:00 a.m. Rabbits

    Rules and Contest Information

    1. Entry is restricted to ONE premium number only. Competitor must have at least one animal entered in the junior show corresponding to the premium number entered within this division.

    Contest will consist of three components within each premium number:

    A) Skillathon - visual learning demonstrations requiring a written response.
    Each section will test concepts expected to be covered in the respective projects.
    Total score possible is 100 points.

    B) Management Test - a written examination covering all aspects of production for the species relevant to the premium number.
    It will contain 20 to 25 questions totaling 100 points toward the overall competition.

    C) Judging Contest - two classes (1 market animal and 1 breeding animal) containing 4 animals each will be placed and scored against official judges placing. Maximum possible score is 50 points per class.

    General categories covered by the exam and skillathon may include the following:

    - Breed identification
    - Feed stuff evaluation
    - General anatomy
    - Reproduction
    - Animal health
    - Nutrition
    - Animal performance criteria